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October 2014

Ebert Composites Completed the World's First Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Radome. For more information, visit:

Orange Air National Guard

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Ebert Wins DOE Grant for Composite Wind Turbine Tower
September 2010

Ebert Composites Corporation has been awarded a $1 million Department of Energy grant for the design, manufacturing, and testing of a composite wind turbine tower.

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Ebert Composites



Ebert Composites Corporation is an innovative composites research and development company located in San Diego, CA. With some of the brightest engineering minds in the industry, Ebert has defied the once thought impossible, creating new composite product opportunities of the highest strength, lightest weight, while still maintaining stylish design. Ebert, for over 25 years, has consistently brought new composite products to market, maintaining important features and benefits. Some of these applications are listed on this site.

If you have a specific design you would like to see developed in composite materials, contact us and we can help with a solution.


Composite R&D

Composite Research & Development

Continuing the evolution of composite materials. We specialize in composite R&D, advanced pultrusion, sandwich panels, and composite processing.

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TRANSONITE Sandwich Panels

TRANSONITE™ 3-Dimensional Sandwich Panels

Advanced proprietary FRP composite pultruded sandwich panels utilizing 3-dimensional skin connecting fibers.

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Sandwich Pultrusion Machine

Pultrusion Equipment

Producers of high volume pultrusion machinery, including one of the largest pultrusion machines commercially available.

With automated motion controls, Ebert has integrated 3-dimensional fibers into pultrusion, thus creating an automated process for producing low cost sandwich panels with exceptional physical properties. These 3-D production systems are available through licensing.




8.5 foot wide pultrusion machine

Licensing Opportunities

Ebert Composites is open to inquiries regarding the licensing of its technology for a wide variety of fields-of-use. Please contact us for more information.



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