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News and Events

Ebert News and Events from 2007:


Composite Marine Louvers

Ebert Completes New Composite Marine Louvers

November 2007
Ebert Composites Corporation has designed, machined, fabricated, and delivered a set of proprietary composite louvers to Hodgdon Yachts of Maine. Ebert designed marine louvers are non-corrosive, lowering maintenance, and are lightweight, lowering overall shipboard weight.

If you would like more information about Ebert’s composite louvers, email us at: info@ebertcomposites.com

3D Barstock Epoxy Pultrusion

Ebert Pultrudes Solid 3-D HiPer-tex™ / Hi-Temp Epoxy Composite

October 2007
Ebert Composites has combined Owens Corning’s woven HiPer-tex™, a new high-strength glass reinforcement, with an extremely high temperature, post-cured epoxy. Flat glass HiPer-tex™ roving was inserted in the Z-axis, at 144 insertions per square inch. This unique combination creates a pultruded bar stock composite with continuous fibers reaching the edges in all 3-dimensions. The end result is a superior machinable composite product suitable for titanium replacement.

For more information e-mail: info@ebertcomposites.com


Ebert Receives Phase II SBIR for Rigid Composite Tower

September 2007
Ebert Composites receives Phase II SBIR Contract Award from the Air Force at Hill AFB in Ogden, UT. The award is a two-year program for the development of an advanced rigid composite tower. These type of composite towers will be used by the Air force, and indeed the entire military, for installation and support of advanced radomes. The design is particularly well suited for highly corrosive areas such as coastal environments.

Polystrand Thermoplastic Pultrusion

Ebert Successfully Pultrudes Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Thermoplastic

August 2007
Ebert Composites Corporation has successfully devised a method for the continuous pultrusion of Polystrand™ brand fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. The pultruded part contains continuous unidirectional thermoplastic prepreg, stacked with 90º thermoplastic prepreg tape. The end pultruded product displays good consolidation, and shows promise for fast line speeds of complex profiles. Ebert is considering licensing options for this pultrusion technique. For more information please email: info@ebertcomposites.com.

Global Pultrusion Conference

Ebert Composites Presents at Pultrusion Conference

June 2007
Ebert Composites Corporation presented at the 2007 Global Pultrusion Conference in Baltimore, coinciding with the SAMPE 2007 show. Ebert presented a paper titled “Weight and Strength Advantages from Pultruded Fiber Architecture.” For more information on the conference visit: Brisk Events, or click on the following link to view a pdf of the paper:

Weight and Strength Advantages from Pultruded Fiber Architecture

All Phenolic Sandwich Panel

All Phenolic Sandwich Panel Created

May 2007
Ebert Composites has successfully pultruded an “All Phenolic” Transonite sandwich panel. This unique sandwich structure consists of woven glass skins, a phenolic foam core, skin-connecting 3-dimensional fiber, and uses a phenolic resin matrix. Ebert is excited to apply this new fire resistant panel in the transportation and building material industries.

3D Composite Bolts

Ebert Continues 3-Dimensional Composite Bolt Design

April 2007
Using TRANSONITE 3D bar stock, Ebert Composites has created lightweight, high strength, non-corroding composite bolts. Using past experience through a NIST program, Ebert has made a recent new discovery in the high speed pultrusion process of composite bar stock with high strength isotropic fiber in the x, y, and z axis. This bar stock is easily machined into composite bolts with extremely high shear and tensile properties.



Ebert Creates a Working Mass Transit Composite Track Prototype

March 2007
Using a combination of small profile TRANSONITE composite sandwich structures, Ebert Composites completes a to-scale prototype track for a new, low energy, high speed mass transportation system. The proprietary track design represents the ability to produce a lightweight and durable rail product, which is pre-fabricated and modular.

Phenolic Sandwich Panel

Ebert Successfully Pultrudes 3-Dimensional Phenolic Sandwich Panels

February 2007
Using Georgia Pacific phenolic resin, Ebert Composites has pultruded a TRANSONITE sandwich panel with skin connecting 3D fibers. These panels maintain high strength, low weight, and are among the family of thermoset composites with the highest fire-safe properties. To Ebert’s knowledge, this is the first sandwich panel of this kind in existence.


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