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News and Events

Ebert Composites News and Events from 2006:


ULD Base Panel

Vigorous Roller Testing Accomplished

December 2006
Ebert's lightweight air cargo container base material has successfully completed 1-Million foot cycles of roller testing, in accordance to ISO Spec 4116, “Ground equipment requirements for compatibility with aircraft unit load devices (ULDs).” The TRANSONITE composite container base covered the equivalent of 1-million feet of translation over a simulated aircraft cargo roller system with no damage.

8.5 Transonite Pultrusion Machine

A Third 102 Inch-Wide Proprietary TRANSONITE Pultrusion Machine is Shipped

October 2006
Ebert Composites has manufactured, certified, and shipped a third 8.5 foot-wide proprietary TRANSONITE pultrusion machine to licensee, Martin Marietta Composites, at their Sparta, NC facility. This brings Martin Marietta’s annual TRANSONITE composite FRP sandwich panel capacity to several million square feet.

Balsa Core Sandwich Panel

Balsa Core Advancement

September 2006
Ebert Composites has successfully pultruded a balsa core sandwich panel with skin connecting 3-dimensional fibers. Using TRANSONITE proprietary pultrusion technology, this composite sandwich panel is extremely lightweight and exhibits a high shear modulus.

This TRANSONITE balsa core panel is currently being tested by TACC Corp. for use as the floor in their composite ULD, lightweight air cargo containers, with very promising results. To our knowledge, we are the first company in the world to produce this type of panel.


Ebert is Awarded Air Force Phase I SBIR

May 2006
Ebert Composites has been selected for an Air Force SBIR under the title, “Advanced Rigid Composite Tower.” Ebert will begin work on designing a unique composite tower which can withstand harsh environments, is light-weight, and is relatively low cost.

The proposed product will have commercialization opportunities in numerous civilian and military applications.

Composite Transmission Tower

10 Years and Still Standing Strong

February 2006
Ebert's composite transmission towers have reached 10 years of successful operation at a Southern California costal facility. No rust, corrosion, or damage has occurred in the tenure, thus withstanding some of mother nature's most harsh environment.

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